Frequently Asked Questions

    Findhire is an online platform where customers can find the right local service professionals who can help them complete their projects.
    Findhire provides customers with two options on how to look for a particular service. One: search and find Pros directly on the website. Two: allow us to find the services for you. We recommend you to allow us to help you. You tell us what you need by answering a few simple questions to post your quote request. Once you’ve submitted your quote request online, interested professionals will contact you to discuss the details of your project. This is a great time to review their profile on Findhire and discuss how to get an accurate quote for your project. You compare the quotes, review the Pro’s business profile and hire the right Pro when you ready.
    After submitting your project, the details are shared with nearby service Pro’s who provide the service you’ve requested. A pro can call, text or email you based on your options you’ve selected on how to be contacted. You’ll receive up to 5 quotes from professionals who are ready to help you with your project.
    Yes, our goal is to help you find the right professional. Describe the services requested in your project, the more details you include, the better professionals can customize the quotes they send you. It also helps professionals understand if they’re best suited for your project and they can reach out to assist you.
    Go to your My Projects page and view the request you’ve posted. Scroll to the bottom of the request and click “Cancel Project”. Alternatively, send an email to
    After 48 hours we send out a feedback email checking if you’ve been helped. If we receive no response within 24 hours thereafter, we assume, you’ve been helped and we close the request. However, if you reply and inform us you’ve not been helped, we send out your quote request to more professionals to help you. We persevere until you’ve been helped and then only close your request.
    This is a great question to ask your prospective professionals as payment may be handled differently from business to business.
    No, Findhire is a free service for customers like you to find and hire local professionals for all your project needs.