About Findhire Credits

Use credits to send quotes and get hired on Findhire


What are Findhire Credits?

Findhire is a pay-per-quote system where you buy credits to send quotes to customers that are a good fit for your business. You only pay to quote, that’s it: we do not charge commission on jobs you complete or future jobs with the same customer and their referrals.


How Findhire Credits work


1. Use credits to send your quote

The number of credits required to send a quote varies depending on the type of service requested. See how many credits you need to quote - its usually 1 credit.

2. Write your quote

In your quote, give a price and write a personal message to the customer addressing what he or she needs. Be professional, include your qualifications, and be clear about what your price includes.

3. Buy enough to get hired

We'll start you off with 5 free credits to get started. After you send those first quotes, you can choose an ongoing credit package that works best for you.

4. Send your quote

Pay with credit card to buy credits and send your quote. Email us if you want to do a bank transfer for credits. There is a delay in processing that and waiting for the money to clear.


Your credit balance


credits needed to send the quote



Why should I buy credits in packages?

Credits in packages gives you a discount and also makes sure you have enough for the following jobs. After you send those first ten quotes, you can choose to buy credits one quote at a time, or you can choose the credit package.

Can my Findhire credits expire?

Credits do not expire. You can use them whenever you want, on the job you're interested in.

Do I have to use my credits on every request?

You must use credits to send a quote. However, you always have the option to pass on a customer request if it is not right for you.

What happens when I run out of credits?

You can buy more credits after you write your quote. Unfortunately, you can not buy credits outside of the quoting process. We are working to change that in the near future!


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